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That was a great improv, good job!

Nice improv it was darn funny. Your portrayal of Regis was great, and i liked the graphics, however there are three reasons why people probably won't like this.
1. The Who wants to be a millionaire stuff is pretty dead now, that was two years ago. Use new material.
2. The voice acting on the microphone could use some background mucis or something.
3. The file size was unhumanly large. Find a way to make it smaller.
Anyways good luck and try to avoid the blaminator

You are protected: Nice movie, nice story

Its to be continued- Thats the only bad thing about it. Otherwise nice story nice plot.
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The ending was hilarious= protected (again?)

Yes I admit I normally hate rock music especially in a flash, but it was my last vid I was gonna watch and it went by fairly quickly, really nice adaptation of the story and funny lines kept me glued to the screen-until the ending-wow. Nice job. I would have to say that in all my time here I have not witnessed a more congurent match of song and video. Aplus.
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You-Fucking-Cunts responds:

Erm...thanks. I undrestood a lot of that.

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Great but its sooo big. Can somebody say compress!

3,321.9Kb is a little much, no wonder the site is so slow its because of big stuff like this that is really small. Give it a loop or something and you could cut it to about 800KB easy.
otherwise great job. But for the size I have to blam, its my duty.

ryguypie responds:

sorry about that, im a newbie at flash, and i dont know what to do to make the file size smaller...

Sound might help, and spelling words correctly.

You are correct about the witches first putting the ideas into M.B.'s head in the first place, the Queen got him to act on those ideas. If you are a student making this for extra credit I say good job, add a music lopp next time, and let us dress up the Queen. If you are a teacher and you have spelling errors, I say fix that. Other than that decent job. It wasn't the most interesting game, but at least it was intellectually stimulating.

This was great, nice job with the music

I got 22, I wonder what the standard deviations are from the norm? Anyways, great music and sound thats why I hope it makes it to the game section. Although the game has been done before this was the first that made me want to play it.

MindMan responds:

Well a 22 is virtually a great score, I think (especially for a first try). I'm glad you liked it and if you're in for an even greater challenge, check out my first game "Smart Test"!

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Good job with this one-

The only criticism is the clarity of the original loop, (Which is really my fault)- its okay when you mix it in a little, but if you do it too much, then people notice it. Your skills are improving and you did a Great job.
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TheComet responds:

Perhaps we could work together and create a sweet song?
I'm already getting some loops from AznPB (a friend of mine, thx azn! :) ), and perhaps with a combo of his great DnB/Dance tracks and some of your loops...who knows? :D

Great song Especially near the end.

I agree the synchs don't go well with the song, but everything else is sick. Sick.

Great Matrix remix, love the vocal sample:

Three comments: I love how it builds, I love the beginning, and I love the heartbeat thing near the end. I will def. use, I wish for more songs like this.

Escape Key Compass I make beats by sampling vocals/beats and coming up with dope escape patterns.

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